Advertisement: Tischlein deck ditch this Friday – Hechingen and surroundings

Numerous visitors to the third and final Tischlein-deck-Dich evening market are expected in the center of Hechingen Photo: Jauch

The third and final Tischlein-deck-Dich evening market is expected to attract visitors to the center of Hechingen. Photo: Jauch

The market invites you to enjoy / starts at 5.30 pm / ends at around 9.30 pm

The market will be opened on 1 July by Mayor Philipp Hahn and Hechinger Jugendfanfarenzug Markus Best, followed by delicacies from local game dishes and fine distillates from Albi buffalo cheese to local orchards. In most cases, delicious regional products can also be tasted on site.

The ensemble Chocco Mocco gives hits as a musical show from the 70s to the 90s of the last century. Frohnella and Klaus Klucklich entertain large and large children in front of the stage at 6 pm with a giant musical soap bubble show.

If you want, you can make soap bubbles for two euros in the soap bubble workshop of the college church. Then giant soap bubbles are practiced and children can demonstrate their skills to those interested.

Market feeders

The TRINK REGIONAL network offers non-alcoholic drinks, juices, beers and new products to try. The stand features Imnauer mineral springs, the Stingel fruit juices and the Lehner brewery in Rosenfeld. distillery offers Swabian whiskey, HCH Dry Gin and fine fruit distillates to enjoy its production Hechingen family The Wetzel pampers you with wine and fruit juices Feinkost Hentsch pampers you with seasonal delicacies at the Schwarzwaldwild Hevart stand in Bonndorf-Dillendorf where you can taste and buy game dishes from the Black Forest Hevart. In addition to drinks, the food truck offers a variety of burgers and sausage dishes, as well as rich and vegetarian dinners, pizza and bread on a stick. The Seifried family offers freshly grilled quality butcher’s sausages in their usual yellow clothes on Swabian alb. Www.wildbretschuetz. Experience a whole new taste experience that makes you feel good. The aid organization Aquisito eV presents its newly completed and published Bolivian cookbook and offers South American snacks for sale based on recipes. Bisingeni Rialto brings Italian gelato to the evening market and pampers visitors with its specially selected ice cream creations from its nostalgic Piaggio Ape.

Supporting program

Mayor Philipp Hahn and a youth fanfare band led by Markus Best will open the last evening market of 2022 together. The best musical entertainment is provided by the ensemble CHOCCO MOCCO with sounds from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Frohnella and Klaus Kl├╝cklich entertain young and old children in front of the stage at 6 pm with a musical giant soap bubble show. Then, if you wish, you can make bubble yarn for 2 euros in the bubble workshop of the college church, learn how to make giant bubbles and finally show your skills during the special opening hours of Flash Mobi in various retail stores.


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