Arezu Weitholz – For Man (Book Review)

Herbert Grönemeyer’s “Mensch” is arguably one of the most important German-language albums of the current millennium. Now a book covers the work in detail.

Herbert Grönemeyer, To Man

However, the biggest possible promotion was canceled: Herbert Grönemeyer had to completely cancel the anniversary tour planned for May and June 2022 due to corona diseases in both him and the team. So “Zu Mensch” doesn’t get the honor of being properly bought off the merch counter.

It’s a shame for a book that gets a score just because of the amount of detail. A good 200 pages have illustrations (by Katrin Funcke) and anecdotes, origin stories and memories. The album’s importance is acknowledged by the fact that it all found its place.

Nice moments and recipes

The path to the “person” is also described – it begins with his adopted home in London at the time and the artist who slowly finds his way back to music after the death of his wife. When Grönemeyer then reports on the moment when the melody of “Kein Pokali” hits the floor on the piano and light falls from the window, he illustrates all this with a cute drawing. This book is simply a total work of art – just for the music you have to reach for the record itself.

“Human” goes quite deep, for example in terms of the technical approach. On the other hand, there is nice, trivial information, for example, that Herbert Grönemeyer is a very good cook and loves it – his recipe for spaghetti with green beans and curry shrimp is at the top.

consolation for the canceled tour

The book features several dozen companions who also have their say. Even if the memories don’t match, Arezu Weitholz lovingly describes and captures it.

“Mensch” is undoubtedly Herbert Grönemeyer’s most important and successful album. Accordingly, it is appropriate to look at all the big and small stories of the creation of this masterpiece in detail. And for fans who were looking forward to the anniversary concerts, the book should offer at least some comfort.

Book information Arezu Weitholz – for man (Herbert Grönemeyer)

Herbert Grönemeyer, To ManAuthor: Arezu Weitholz
Title of the book: To a person
Number of pages: 208
Publisher: Kunstmann
ISBN: 978-3-95614-529-2
Price: 30.00 euros
Released: May 26, 2022

Photos: Kunstmann Verlag

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