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Baked fish with potato salad

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Rainer Sass visits Gabriele Harresen right in the port of Rostock. The head of the day center has a perfectly equipped kitchen, but she only uses it to make coffee, because her husband is in charge at the stove.

But now Gabriele Harresen wants to show that he can make something rustic. He asks Rainer Sass for a typical fried fish with potato salad and tartar sauce. The NDR television chef not only helps with shopping, but of course also with cooking. Gabriele Harresen was particularly taken with her remoulade sauce, because it is very quick and tasty with different herbs. Finally, Rainer Sass discovers something very special in Harresen’s house.

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Baked fish is served on a plate with potato salad and remoulade.  © NDR/dmfilm

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Fish fillet in mustard sauce with leek, celery and carrot © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann

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Stuffed sea bream © Photo: karepa

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The chef is chopping parsley © © Esther Hildebrandt - Photo: Esther Hildebrandt

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Florian Kruck


Florian Kruck


Rainer Sass


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