Banana juice: nutritional values ​​and a recipe for making it yourself

Banana juice is sweet, delicious and healthy – and it’s easy to make yourself. We show you a simple recipe for a creamy top energy supplier made from bananas.

Banana Juice vs. Banana Nectar: ​​One and the Same?

Strictly speaking, the drink we colloquially call “banana juice” is actually not juicebut about one nectar. Because according to the German Fruit Juice and Soft Drinks Ordinance, any drink that bears the title “juice” must also consist of 100 percent fruit. Since bananas are difficult to squeeze, banana nectars are mostly found in stores. You can banana pulp Together water and mostly too sugar blend to a juice-like consistency.

In the case of homemade banana juice, it is of course up to you whether and how much sugar or other sweeteners to add.

Banana juice: nutritional values ​​and vitamins

Banana juice is a healthy source of energy between meals.
Banana juice is a healthy source of energy between meals.
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Bananas are basically very healthy and contain many valuable nutrients vitamins and minerals. However, they also contain a lot of fructose – that’s why you should only drink banana juice in moderation.

On average, 100 milliliters of banana juice contains the following nutritional values (Source):

With 60 calories per 100 milliliters, banana juice is a high energy drink. A larger portion of banana juice can also replace a snack between meals. However, banana juice is not suitable for quenching thirst – leave it at that water and unsweetened do the best choice.

When it comes to vitamins, banana juice can be great Vitamin B6 a score that is positive immune system and metabolism affects. A banana covers almost a third of the daily requirement of vitamin B6. But the vitamin can also be found in many other foods.

Plus, they’re in banana juice folic acid, potassium, magnesium and manganese to find More information about health effects of bananas we have summarized them for you in a separate article.

Make your own banana juice: recipe instructions

For exotic fruits, it's always worth looking for the organic and fair trade seals.
For exotic fruits, it’s always worth looking for the organic and fair trade seals.
(Photo: CC0/Pixabay/Isaac Fryxelius)

You can quickly prepare banana juice yourself at home. However, since bananas are mostly imported from Latin America, the exotic fruit does not have a good reputation life cycle assessment – and therefore should not on your everyday menu to stand. Also, avoid bananas in general organic farming and fair trade to buy. Because banana plantations are often criticized hazardous pesticides, which is regularly used in conventional farming. The Fairtrade seal guarantees fair working conditions on banana plantations.

For two glasses of banana juice you will need: Ingredients:


  1. In a blender or tall bowl, mix ripe bananas with water, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Tip: Put the bananas in the fridge for an hour beforehand – that way your juice will be nice and cool later.
  2. Mix the ingredients into a homogeneous liquid.
  3. According to your taste, you can sweeten with a little honey or add juice vanilla to specify.

Tip: Banana juice also tastes delicious if you take it with you combine with other fruit juicese.g. pineapple, currant, Apple juice or cherry juice. But you can also make delicious ones with banana juice cocktails to prepare. Goes well with, for example, cocktails based on rum and cream. A mixed drink made of wheat beer and banana juice is also popular among beer lovers.


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