Beetroot noodles: vegan winter recipe –

Beetroot noodles are colorful and very aromatic. The combination of beetroot and warming spices is well suited to the cold season. Learn how to make your own vegan recipe here.

The beetroot paste is simple and filling, while the spices heat up and add interesting flavours. Besides, it is Beetroot is healthybecause it contains many vitamins and minerals. It is one of the few local vegetables that can still be had in winter. All this makes beetroot paste an ideal winter recipe.

When buying ingredients, make sure they are sourced organic farming and fair production come. demeter, organic land or fair trade there are signs to look out for. While the organic seal prohibits, among other things, chemical-synthetic pesticides, the Fairtrade seal sets minimum standards for fair working conditions. The latter is especially important for exotic products such as spices.

by the way: Plant beets it is very simple.

Beetroot noodles: recipe

Beetroot noodles impress with their bright color.
Beetroot noodles impress with their bright color. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / tomasicigor)

Beetroot noodles

  • Preparation: about 35 minutes
  • People: 4 servings