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“Junior is Bavaria’s favorite herb, and very good gins are also made in Bavaria. The light aroma of juniper in the gin gives this dish an extraordinary taste.«

Oven-baked catfish on spicy leek

for 6 people

  • about 800 G Leek (washed, cut into 1 cm rings) Leek
  • 300 G white cabbage (thinly sliced) cabbage
  • 150 ml genie genie
  • 80 ml olive oil olive oil
  • 500 G halved cherry tomatoes tomato
  • 1 red chili (deseeded and cut into thin strips) chili
  • 2 el fennel seeds (ground) fennel seeds
  • 1 organic lemon lemon
  • 1 Organic orange orange
  • about 1.2 kg Catfish fillets (boneless and skinless, cut into 6 equal pieces) Fish
  • 100 G Or flakes butter
  • 10 saffron threads saffron
  • salt salt

1. Mix the prepared leeks, white cabbage, gin, olive oil and cherry tomatoes with chili strips and crushed fennel seeds. Wash the lemon and orange in hot water and peel the peel from both with a vegetable peeler. Squeeze out the juice and add to the vegetables with the cream.

2. Mix everything well and place in a sufficiently large roasting pan or, if you don’t have one, in a deeper base. Place the catfish fillets on top of the vegetables and cover each fillet with a few knobs of butter and saffron strands.

3. Then put the toaster in an oven preheated to 200 degrees and bake for about 10-15 minutes. Cover the fish with the frying broth and vegetables from time to time. It goes very well with fried potatoes, to which a little oregano is added instead of parsley. But if you need to do something fast, a piece of baguette is also suitable.

If you prefer the vegetables to be less crunchy, briefly brown the leeks and cabbage in a pan in a little olive oil before mixing them with the rest of the ingredients in step 1.


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