Cooking risotto: Guaranteed with these insider tips

Updated: 19.06.2022 – 13:56

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Cooking risotto: Guaranteed with these insider tips

Our insider tips make any risotto a success - even creamy mushroom and pea risotto

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Our insider tips make any risotto a success – even creamy mushroom and pea risotto

Rice, vegetables, liquid: that’s all you need for risotto. Regardless, something always goes wrong. Not if you know our tricks.

Risoto is ideal for social gatherings with friends and family, but also for a quick meal in between. But as with all seemingly simple dishes, there are some pitfalls to making risotto. With our insider tips, your risottos will always be successful from now on. Now we reveal our tricks for success:

Tip 1: When cooking risotto, the broth is always hot

  • The broth used to pour the risotto must be really hot. Why? If you take cold broth, the cooking process is interrupted. Risotto cooks evenly only with hot stock.
  • That’s why you always need two pots for risotto: a smaller one, a taller one, to heat the stock and keep it hot. And for the actual risotto, a larger, flatter casserole dish about 8 inches in diameter.

If you often use vegetable broth for cooking, it is worth making your own. We have a simple recipe for homemade vegetable broth pasta. You can pretty much do it on the side and it’s a great use of leftovers too. You also know what it contains and what it doesn’t: instead of flavor enhancers like glutamate and artificial flavors, homemade broth contains many valuable vitamins and minerals.

To whet your appetite, take a look at the recipe for a simple beetroot risotto with royal mushrooms and dill. I’m hungry now!

Tip 2: Fat is hot too

  • A good drop of olive oil is poured into the hot risotto pot. As soon as the moistened wooden spoon begins to bubble, it’s time for the rice. Just stir it briefly so that the rice grains are evenly coated with oil.
  • Then nothing happens until the rice starts to crackle quietly.
  • Now add finely chopped onion or shallot. Fry them and then deglaze with two tablespoons of vermouth. When alcohol and fat meet, it smells amazing….

You can see the best risotto recipes in our photo gallery. From now on, they always succeed and taste so wonderfully sloppy. Click through:

Trick 3: You have to take care of the risotto

  • Once the vermouth has evaporated, it’s time for the hot broth. Pour a large ladle over the rice. Then use a wooden spoon to stir the rice until it absorbs the liquid.
  • Repeat these steps until the rice is the desired consistency. After about 20-25 minutes, you can taste the rice. If you like, add a little cold butter to the risotto.
  • Then followed by grated parmesan and white pepper. This is the perfect base for your risotto.

Trick 4: Prepare the rest of the ingredients

Risotto is a luxurious use of leftovers: anything can and can be mixed with rice. Vegetables, mushrooms and herbs are classics – as are fish, meat and seafood. But fruits are also welcome. Don’t you believe? Then try the rich, fruity blueberry risotto. It is so delicious.

Trick: The rest of the ingredients are prepared separately and only added to the finished risotto. It has two insurmountable advantages.
1. It makes scheduling easier. Because while you are eating the rice, you are preparing the rest of the ingredients.
2. Tender vegetables are not stirred constantly. It does not contribute to its consistency or color.

And the ingredients just taste better and fresher. For example, when I make creamy asparagus and mushroom risotto with parmesan, I first steam the mushrooms separately and then add them to the finished risotto. But there are exceptions, such as a In the risotto ingredient. So not one tomato risottobut a Risotto in tomato. This idea is so unusual that of course we made a movie out of this recipe. See:

By the way, cooking risotto is also a good idea after a hard day. Because you can switch off so wonderfully during preparation. For even more facts, suggestions, tips and recipes, visit the Italian Recipes, Risotto, Quick Recipes and Olive Oil pages. I hope you enjoy cooking risotto and stirring it meditatively.

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