Fasting with Juices: An 8-day juice purge works and what it does

Drink the juice during detoxification and weight loss. With 8 days of juice cleansing, you can give your body a whole new beginning. Here you will find out how the juice paste works and what you should consider.

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It cleanses the juice

Juice cleansing can rid your body of toxins. Your body’s natural balance is restored.

This is not a diet that will make you lose pounds in the long run. Even if you lose a lot of weight in the beginning, you will regain it after fasting. You should see juice fasting as a starting point for healthy weight loss to help you lose weight permanently.

This is how the juice paste begins

First, find the right time to make the juice fast. If you don’t bother to eat only liquid in your daily life and work for a while, start.

If this is too much for you, it is better to wait for a long weekend. However, it is not worth planning an additional holiday for this.

8 days of juice fasting: this is the process

There is more to it than just the Lenten Day. A day of relief is needed first, then the actual fasting takes place within five days. This is followed by two days of gathering. You should plan for a total of eight days. Once you’ve made your course clear, we’ll get started.

Day 1: Relax your body

The first day should free you from your previous eating habits and relieve your digestive tract. this is important to keep you going for the next five days.

You prepare your body with certain nutrients. You should already be mentally minded. This is the only way to get through eight days.

In the early morning, drink a glass of sauerkraut juice. It cleanses your gut. You then make your chosen sports unit. Then eat breakfast in the form of muesli.

For lunch, prepare a plate of raw vegetables. Pepper sticks provide you with vitamin C, cucumber slices bring fluid to your body. However, you can also use other vegetables.

Dinner consists of crispbread, which you cover with slices of tomato and cucumber. You can also eat fruit. It is best to bite into large pieces and sprinkle with flax seeds. They are again intended for good digestion.

The second day: the juice begins

You start the day again with a glass of sauerkraut juice. Tip: Do not smell the glass. Just put it on your lips and drink it.

Drink a glass of vegetable juice all day for breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner. It should consist of several types of vegetables. You can buy it ready-made or do it yourself with a juicer.

In the meantime, you can drink non-carbonated water and unsweetened herbal teas. Also, don’t forget to train.

Note. You may be less focused today than usual. This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t worry you.

Day 3: Start slowly

There is strength in the holiday, especially when fasting with juice. Hectic and stress are not good, so you have chosen a good time. This day also begins with sour juice.

Today I drink 4 glasses of juice again during the day. Vegetable juices are said to consist of artichokes, nettles and dandelions. If you wish, you can drink carrot juice for dinner.

Drink water and unsweetened tea between meals. You will notice from your digestion that something is going on. Leaders well and smoothly.

Don’t forget your sport. But it can also be replaced by a long walk.

different juices
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Day 4: Wait

After sauerkraut juice, you can weigh yourself today. Compared to your initial weight, you will succeed if you survive and do not eat anything else.

You take that motivation with you for days. Today there are 4 glasses of herbal cider plus water and herbal tea.

Today can be challenging. Your body will start to feel that it is getting nothing but juices. As a result, you may feel a cold or a strange taste in your mouth.

Move slowly and sufficiently in the fresh air during the day.

Day 5: Almost done

It starts again with sauerkraut juice and ends with juices, four times a day. If you have already made other varieties, move on to celery, spinach and kale juices today.

Or drink fruit juice. It is best to make juice from oranges, green apples, pineapples, lemons and blueberries.

Reading tip: Make your own juice – how to squeeze fruit and vegetable juice yourself

The feeling of hunger is over today. You can get through the juices and drink water or tea as usual when you are thirsty.

If you notice that you are getting moody or the mood swings back and forth, find a quiet corner where you can relax with a good book and a delicious herbal tea.

The movement unit also gives something else to think about and adds oxygen to the body. You will probably feel better after that.

Day 6: Done

In the end, there is nothing left of the day but juice, water and tea. Since you know you can do it soon, you can easily get over the day.

Take it easy, move around a lot and don’t wait too long. If you have consciously chosen juice fasting, you will enjoy juices like meals and the amounts of food for colleagues and relatives are almost abstract.

Day 7: You interrupt your fasting

You did it, congratulations!

Today there is no juice, but no whole food. You need to carefully adjust your digestive tract to solid foods.

Start the day with a fruit of your choice. Eat an apple or a banana. That’s enough to get you started. In the morning it is best to exercise a lot in the fresh air.

For lunch, boil a light vegetable soup. You will notice that this is enough for you and you will no longer be hungry. In the afternoon, drink tea or treat yourself to your first coffee if you feel like it. It can also be a biscuit.

Reading Tip: You can get wonderfully creamy soups with this food

In the evening, prepare your dinner from crispbread and pick up slices of vegetables on top of it. If you want, you can also boil millet porridge.

Eat slowly and carefully. Stop eating as soon as you feel a little full. Your body tells you that is enough.

Day 8: Build Yourself

Today, everything is about regaining lost muscle mass. Choose a workout of your choice. However, strength training should be added.

Muesli with fresh fruit is perfect for breakfast. At lunch you should focus on carbohydrates. How about potatoes, herb peel and some vegetable sticks?

It will give you energy again and keep you going until the evening. Dinner may again consist of crispbread. Make sure you have a few flax seeds and vegetables on the plate again.

That’s how it works

The juice paste is over and you are used to solid food again in your two days of gathering. Now approach your usual eating habits very slowly, but don’t rush anything.

Book Tip: Juice Pasta Book – 100 healthy and delicious juice recipes. Juicer / juicer for weight loss.

You will notice that you have much less appetite for stimulants. Take advantage of this feeling and do not drink alcohol or eat sweet for a while.

TipMission: To be well prepared, buy a ready-made juice box.

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