For World Pasta Day: 20 pasta recipes and what you should know about pasta recipes

Ravioli – stuffed dumplings

Tortellini are round dumplings with a filling – ravioli also have a filling, but they are more like a pillow. Ravioli are filled with fish, meat or vegetarian ingredients such as spinach, truffles or boletus.


Fettuccine belongs to tagliatelle, which are flat and wide rolled noodles. Linguine are thin ribbon noodles. You can also say that it is flat spaghetti. Pappardelle is at least one centimeter wide and therefore belongs to the category of wide noodles. Tagliatelle is a medium width tagliatelle of four to eight millimeters. Did you remember everything well? Then nothing speaks against an excellent pasta diploma.

Lasagna – a wide sheet of dough

By the way, Lasagna Bolognese is Garfield’s absolute favorite recipe. This is about Garfield the cat in the Jim Davis cartoon. The cuddly animal feels so strongly attached to a special dish of tagliatelle that just by sniffing it, it forgets everything else around it. Would Garfield taste Bayern’s lasagna? Definitely!

Cannelloni – pasta filling

Cannelloni are large tube-shaped pasta products. They are usually filled. The traditional filling is a hearty ground beef sauce similar to Bolognese sauce. But basically they can be filled and cooked to taste. A typical vegetarian would be a spinach and ricotta filling.

vegetable pasta

Now there are noodles made without the addition of wheat flour, such as protein-rich chickpeas, lentils, or fresh vegetables such as zucchini or carrots.

finger noodles

Schupfnudeln or finger noodles are a special form of noodles. They come from the cuisine of southern Germany and Austria. They are available in both sweet and savory recipes and are made with variations of rye and wheat flour, egg and potato batter.

Maultaschen – imitation ravioli?

In appearance, they resemble Italian ravioli or tortellini, and there are several legends about their origin and origins. One thing is for sure, pasta dough pockets go best with meat or cheese and spinach.

Asian noodles

Asian noodles such as rice noodles, ramen, soba and udon are now also very popular in our part of the world. They taste classic in broth, with meat and vegetables: Asian noodles are versatile.

tube noodles or buns

Well, it’s not actually noodles. Tube noodles, oven noodles or buns are actually names for a fine sweet yeast garden. They resemble yeast and steam dumplings.

Make your own pasta

If you prefer, you can make your own pasta instead of buying it. This is the so-called noodle knight kick. Provided it tasted good!


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