Genshin Influence Host Challenge: All Recipes

“Genshin Impact” game version 2.5 is already in the second half, Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi’s repeat banners have been running for a week. At the same time, the event began with an action-packed role-playing game that highlights the relaxing side of the title: in the film “Tipsi’s Dream”, you take on the role of an innkeeper at the Engelsgabe inn in Mondstadt. After several small reading missions, during which you have to follow the instructions of some of the game characters, the challenge of the host is coming.

The goal here is to serve as many customers as possible. To do this, you must first read all the recipes – in most cases it is quite easy, as each drink comes with a description of the ingredients and how to mix them, but in one case the translators made a mistake that causes frustration. . You will find this guide all drink recipes “Genshin’s influence” host challenge.

Host Challenge: Coffee

Genshin Impact Coffee Recipes.

This type of coffee is available at Host Challenge.

  • Athenaeum: 3x coffee
  • Golden Eden: 2x coffee, 1x milk
  • Night of Complex Stars: 1x coffee, 2x milk
  • Caramelized cones: 1x coffee, 1x milk, 1x caramel sauce
  • Alley of Moonlight: 1x coffee, 1x milk, 1x chocolate sauce
  • Foam reef: 2x coffee, 1x soda

Host Challenge: The Road

Genshin Impact Tea Recipes.

These roads are available in the Host Challenge.

  • Researchers’ afternoon: 2x black tea, 1x milk
  • shiny crown: 1x black tea, 2x milk
  • Viewing the north wind: 1x black tea, 1x milk, 1x mint
  • cheerfulness: 1x black tea, 1x milk, 1x chocolate sauce
  • Tough glow: 2x black tea, 1x lemon
  • Foggy garden: 3x black tea
  • love poem: 1x black tea, 1x milk, 1x caramel sauce

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Host Challenge: Juice

Genshin Juice Recipes.

These types of juices are available in the Host Challenge program.

  • Sweet Mostsee: 1x juice, 2x milk
  • low traffic jam: 2x juice, 1x effervescent
  • The Blessing of Barbatos: 1x juice, 1x effervescent, 1x mint
  • Sunset in the valley: 3x juice
  • Snowy Kiss: 2x juice, 1x milk
  • Birch: 2x juice, 1x lemon

Host Challenge: Drinks

Recipes for Genshin influences.

These drinks are available at the inn’s challenge.

  • night ringtone: 1x coffee, 1x black tea, 1x milk
  • Twilight: 1x black tea, 2x juice

The night version of Night of the Swirling Stars is especially frustrating, as the description of the German game version is about mixing coffee and tea, although coffee and milk are meant here.

The host’s challenge not only asks you to mix standard versions of drinks of different sizes, but also takes into account additional customer preferences – phrases like “extra sweet” (more caramel sauce), “extra tart” (more black tea) or “sour side” (more lemon) Give the necessary tips on what ingredients you need to add, open all the recipes and get a new background for your in-game profile.

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