Gooseberry liqueur: a simple recipe for making a summer drink

With its fruity-sweet taste, gooseberry liqueur is well suited for summer. We will show you how to make liqueur from fresh gooseberries yourself.

Gooseberries are also part of the rich berry supply during the summer months. They are usually available from local cultivation from May to August. But you can also do it in your garden Plant gooseberries and harvesting.

Ripe fruits not only taste pure, but can also be processed in many ways Gooseberry compote, gooseberry jam or gooseberry cake. You can also extract juice from them. Homemade gooseberry juice is the basis for the juicy gooseberry liqueur we introduce in this recipe.

You can make liqueur with yellow, white or red gooseberries. Yellow and white gooseberries taste a little softer and sweeter. Red gooseberries are less sweet but more aromatic. Regardless of the variety, you should pay attention to the organic quality if you do not use your own gooseberries. fruits off organic farming is not chemically-synthetic pesticides processed, which may harm your health and the environment. Other ingredients should also have a strong organic seal, e.g. demeter, organic land or natural land. They set stricter criteria for this EU organic seal in front.

Recipe: Homemade gooseberry liqueur

Gooseberry liqueur becomes especially juicy with fresh berries.
Gooseberry liqueur becomes especially juicy with fresh berries.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pipsimv)

Homemade gooseberry liqueur

  • Preparation: about 60 minutes
  • People: 0.5 liters