Grandma’s exotic chicken salad with mandarins, cherries and celery – here’s a brilliant recipe!

Grandma’s chicken salad – exotic and so delicious! IMAGO / imagebroker

It’s been a while since she was really fashionable. We are really doing an injustice to chicken salad if we demonize it as an unhealthy calorie bomb. Because there is another way. The exotic chicken salad from Grandma’s recipe book is incredibly delicious – and not fattening.

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If you want to do this particularly well – as your grandmother did at the time – you should cook a whole chicken (preferably a chicken-fed chicken). Because then you will not only have the perfect salad meat, but you will also get a delicious broth – for example, a delicious chicken soup as a base.

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However, if you run out of time, we recommend a simple tip: buy ready-made chicken, which is often found in supermarket carts. Roasted aromas give your salad a very special boost. This is very tasty!

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And by the way: Grandma did the same thing when she couldn’t cook the chicken. So here is his recipe:

Grandmother’s chicken salad with mandarins, cherries and celery – recipe

You need it

250g Miracle Whip, 30g tangerine juice from drained fruit, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 450-500g chicken (cut into 1-2cm pieces), 150g drained canned or canned sliced ​​mushrooms, 150g drained canned or canned asparagus (cut 1-2 cm pieces), 100 grams of celery (cleaned and cut into strips), 100 grams of drained preserved mandarins (halved), 100 grams of canned cherries.

This is done

Place the Miracle Whip in a bowl. Then pour a glass of mandarin juice and lemon juice, turn on and shake vigorously. The juice mixture is now in the bowl. Mix everything well and season with salt and pepper. Don’t be too careful with seasoning!

Now gradually add all the mentioned ingredients to the sauce. Please mix the ingredients thoroughly and only with a plastic spoon or even a silicone spatula. The ingredients should not be too soft.

Then let the salad stand in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours and let it harden. It may take a few more hours. The salad will keep cool for about two days. Stir again before serving.

You can also enjoy a chicken salad with the baguette. IMAGO / Panthermedia

Grandma’s exotic chicken salad tastes great with fresh baguette or served on a crunchy salad bed. The combination of endive leaves and boats is also delicious. If desired, cut a few fresh peach or mango slices. We wish you a good appetite!

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