Italian moments: spaghetti “La Familia”

Today I can sit and relax, today I prepare food. Because the recipe is not mine. Today’s recipe was invented by my husband.

It dates back to the time of her bachelors – when she lived in Italy for three years. The main part, of course, was pasta. Nowhere else do the noodles taste as good as there. Together with their wife’s sauce, they become a delicious and, above all, simple dish.

I also recommend the vegetables he always uses here. However, you can change the mixture to suit your personal taste. The tastes of this meal are cordial Knackers, as they are called in Berlin. In other areas, they are also known as Mettenden.

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 g spaghetti, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 4 crackers or Mettenden, 4 small red onions, 2 medium carrots, 2 medium zucchini, 2 peppers, 1 garlic clove, 500 ml tomato paste, Italian herbs, salt and pepper


1. Salt the water and bring to a boil in a large saucepan. Cut the crackers into slices one centimeter thick. Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces and chop the garlic finely.

2. When the water boils, add the paste and cook according to the instructions on the package al dente. Do not be discouraged, otherwise the sauce can no longer be combined with the noodle starch. This would make it less sticky to the noodles.

3. At the same time heat a large pan of oil and fry in it crackers. Then add the onion, carrot, paprika and garlic and fry for 6 minutes. Finally add the zucchini and fry for another 4 minutes. salt and pepper. Deglasse it all with tomato paste, add Italian herbs and let it simmer. If necessary, add some paste water to the sauce.

4. Drain the pasta and mix into the sauce. It can now be served. Enjoy your meal!

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