Make your own apple juice: a recipe with and without a juicer

You can easily make apple juice yourself, with or without a juicer. It’s worth it: supermarket juices are often full of preservatives and sugar. We show you how to make your own apple juice.

Next to orange juice, the most popular juice in Germany is apple juice. But in the Stiftung Warentest, more than half of the supermarket juices tested failed, and one in three for apple juice. Added flavorings and preservatives, fermented apples, and pesticides are just a few reasons why juices go bad.

And there’s something else you should know about regular apple juice: Apples are often imported from Asia and therefore they are very bad life cycle assessment on. Growing conditions are also not ideal in many countries. Therefore, we recommend using your own apple juice organic apples from area fall back – preferably at in season.

Make apple juice yourself without a juicer

Apples also grow in the home garden.
Apples also grow in the home garden.
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In the first option, we show you how to make apple juice without a juicer. With the following quantities, you can get one liter of apple juice, which corresponds to about five glasses.

When choosing apples, pay attention to them apple variety and degree of maturity. It depends on how sweet or sour the juice ends up being. For example, Jonagold and Elstar are good choices because they are sweet and low in acidity. However, Pinova and Boskoop are rather sweet and sour.

You should also have two saucepans, a colander, a ladle, and a clean cheesecloth or cloth A bag of nut milk ready To complete you need sterile glass bottlesthat you can seal airtight.

Apple juice without a juicer

  • Preparation: about 15 minutes
  • Cooking time / cooking time: about 38 minutes
  • People: 5 servings