Make your own spaghetti ice cream…how does it work? With the potato trick! A brilliant recipe with variants for tomato sauce, carbonara, pesto

Spaghetti ice cream is a true classic – but how to make it so good at home? KURIER reveals the trick. image/epd

It’s getting warmer outside, many German households are filling their freezers with ice cream – get out the croissants, summer is here! When you think of long summer afternoons from your childhood, spaghetti ice cream comes to mind. A true classic: vanilla ice cream in the form of pasta, served with various sauces that resemble real pasta dishes. The delicious dessert is on the menu of many ice cream parlors – but how to make it yourself?

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It’s very simple – with potato foam! This shredder is actually used to mash cooked potatoes, for example so that they can be processed into mashed potatoes. You can get a press like this with two long handles and a perforated insert for a few bucks at most hardware stores. But: You can also use a Spatula press to make spaghetti ice cream.

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Recipe Ingredients: This is what you need for a delicious spaghetti ice cream

Important: Before making an icy dessert, the press should be placed in the freezer for a few hours. Spaghetti stays in shape only when pressed through ice cream mass from freezing cold – if the metal of the press had been at room temperature, the icy pasta would have melted faster than you could say “spaghetti ice cream”.

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So: just buy a package of ready-made vanilla ice cream – if you want to make it yourself, here is a super easy recipe for vanilla ice cream. Fill the press with ice and press the mass directly onto the plates. This gives it the typical spaghetti shape. Everything is then decorated with a fruity or creamy pasta sauce and grated cheese. And what do you use for that?

Dario Fontanella claims to have invented spaghetti ice cream. image/epd

Very simple: You can easily make tomato sauce from strawberries, which you puree with a little vanilla sugar. Carbonara can be hinted at with scrambled eggs and chopped walnuts – vanilla sauce is recommended for children so that the little ones don’t get angry at the coffee table.

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And for the pesto? You simply puree the kiwi and season it a little if necessary. Grated cheese is replaced with chopped or ground white chocolate. Enjoy your meal!

For years, there has been a debate over who invented spaghetti ice cream

By the way: It has been debated for years about who actually invented spaghetti ice cream. Neuss ice cream parlor owner Eliano Rizzardini, who died in 2000, announced in 2004 that he had developed the ice cream creation. Ice cream maker Dario Fontanella from Mannheim also claims to be the inventor. According to Wikipedia, Fontanella originally intended to patent the cup, but decided against it because of the 200 DM registration fee.

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