Melon punch: a non-alcoholic recipe with watermelon

Melon punch is the perfect drink for summer parties: refreshing, frothy and fruity sweet. Here you can find a non-alcoholic recipe for watermelon punch.

Regardless of whether children’s birthday, barbecue party or a warm evening on the balcony: melon punch is the perfect summer drink. It’s quick to make and only requires a handful of ingredients.

When buying ingredients, pay as much attention to organic quality and seasonality as possible. By buying organic products, you support one organic farmingwhich uses natural resources sparingly.

Our melon punch recipe includes lime. Especially with these, you should use organic products because you are using a peel scrub. Cream made from citrus fruits conventional agriculture are often with a large number of chemical-synthetic substances pesticides charged, which may be harmful to health.

All around CO2– Emissions To minimize transport costs, you should also make sure that the limes come from a European country like Spain or Italy. In Germany, watermelon is in season from May to September – so you can make punch with locally grown watermelon all summer long.

Melon punch: a non-alcoholic recipe

Watermelon makes melon punch extra juicy.
Watermelon makes melon punch extra juicy.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)

Non-alcoholic melon punch

  • Preparation: about 30 minutes
  • People: 8 servings