New Edition: Game and Fish – Recipes for Hunters and Anglers!

Anglers and hunters have always been self-sufficient and have a familiarity with local game and local fish like no one else. You know where the rub is in the preparation – or the pike in the pepper sauce. They have been living what is now called sustainable for a long time. Because three important points speak for local game and local fish: species-appropriate farming, short transport routes, fresh and fast from the region.

In the new issue, we have again put together many great recipes for you. This time it’s about grilling and smoking! In addition, you will learn how to recognize really good coal, how to smoke correctly with different stoves and much more. So you are well prepared for hot summer evenings on the terrace. Order here and heat up the grill! We wish you lots of fun playing with game and fish!

Game and Fish New Edition - Available in stores now.  Order here!

Image: Media of the Year

Game and Fish New Edition – Available in stores now. Order here!

Game and fish: Hunters and anglers rely on sustainability

Anglers and hunters know exactly how to prepare game and fish in the home kitchen. In order to make the culinary value of our local wildlife accessible to the general public, the German Fishing Association (DAFV) and the German Hunting Association (DJV) showcase the treasures of our rivers and forests in their “Catch & Cook” and “Wild auf Wild” projects. We are glad to have you in our magazine game and fish to share some recipes from these remarkable projects!

Wild of fish: professional chefs live in front of the camera

In 2019 and 2020, hunters, anglers and beekeepers got together to cook and grill together. They both fished and hunted for two days under the motto “Wild fish” and then prepared fresh food in front of the camera. DAFV, DJV and DIB launched the campaign. Sebastian Kapuhs organized the event and brought in amateur and professional chefs such as Mora Fütterer from MoCuisine, Stephan Stohl from Monolith, Rob Reinkemeyer from Kakato, Moritz Freudenthal from Catch and Cook, Sebastian Bruns from Deutsche See, Markus Laue, Jörg Strehlow, Janine Brunner and Torsten Pistol from Pistol Hardcore food for the table.

While cooking outdoors, delicious dishes were prepared from game meat, fish, crabs and honey. The cooking program included well-known dishes such as trout or wild boar – and exotic ones such as Black Sea goby, signal crab, Egyptian goose or nutrio. Fishing, hunting and beekeeping are gentle forms of using nature and offer unspoiled nature experiences. The resulting food meets important criteria: it is original, fresh, regional and sustainably produced.

Catch & Cook – eat your own fish!

Anglers are in a unique position to catch their own sustainable and healthy food and choose just the right specimens for the kitchen. DAFV shows what you can make of it in Catch & Cook.

Also interesting

Bringing our local fish species into every angler’s kitchen, and maybe even a few non-fishermen’s kitchens: that’s what Catch & Cook is all about. DAFV managed to find the perfect actress for this in Moritz Freudenthal, a likable angler and professional chef. Moritz shows his sometimes unusual and sometimes very rustic recipes that can be made in the kitchen from our harvest. A chef who loves to experiment knows no bounds and just reading the recipe titles makes your mouth water.

DAFV Managing Director Alexander Seggelke with enthusiastic angler and professional chef Moritz Freudenthal.

Image: DAFV

DAFV Managing Director Alexander Seggelke with enthusiastic angler and professional chef Moritz Freudenthal.

Just check out Moritz’s genius and delicious recipes! The approach of using regional and home-caught fish in the kitchen according to the season is perfectly suited to the modern age: the fish caught is fresh, regional, sustainably produced, protects the climate and is raised according to species. All of the recipes in this issue, as well as tips and tricks for cooking with fish, can be found on the Catch & Cook website (and on YouTube) in the form of easy-to-understand cooking videos.


These chefs have made game and fish possible

Sebastian Kapuhs

Sebastian Kapuhs studied cultural studies, is a hunter, fisherman and passionate hobby cook. He is in the media sector of FIE and the author of a large number of recipes on Germany’s largest gaming recipe platform “Wild auf Wild”. On the website you can find different recipes for wild goat, wild boar, small game and more!

Sebastian is a passionate angler, hunter and amateur chef.  He caught it on the sour Elbe in Wild auf Fisch.  Photo: Sebastian Kapuhs

Picture: Sebastian Kapuhs

Sebastian is a passionate angler, hunter and amateur chef. He caught it on the sour Elbe in Wild auf Fisch.

Sebastian cooks for stage shows, including International Green Week and Dortmund Wildfood Festival, and his name stands for regional and seasonal cuisine that can be quickly and easily integrated into everyday life.

Game recipes:

Moritz Freudenthal

For Moritz Freudenthal, cooking is both a passion and a profession. His career began in 2002 with an apprenticeship, followed by a steep career path through several well-known kitchens in northern Germany. Today, Moritz is self-employed with his company “Cooking with joy”. Catering for business or private events, recipe development, show cooking and food design – Moritz offers everything.

From our new magazine

Image: Moritz Freudenthal

When he’s not in the kitchen, Moritz naturally prefers to be out on the water as an avid angler.

Through Catch & Cook, he combines his other great passion with cooking. As a passionate angler, DAFV didn’t have to ask him twice when they were looking for a top chef for a new project. Now Moritz is obviously having a lot of fun developing new recipes for herring, pike and more and making them available to everyone.


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