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  • 1

    small onion

  • 1



  • 1

    red bell peppers

  • 200


    Green spelled

  • 2


  • 30



  • 500


    vegetable broth

  • 0.5

    organic lemon

  • Mozzarella

  • basil

  • pepper

  • salt

Soak green spelled in water the day before, preferably overnight.

Cut the onion, garlic, hot pepper and peaches into small cubes.

First brown the onion and garlic in a pan, then add the hot pepper. Then take the green spelled out of the soaking water, drain well and add to the pan as well. When everything is lightly toasted, deglaze with vinegar and fill with vegetable stock. Cook until the uncooked spelled is almost tender and most of the liquid has evaporated. Then add the peach cubes and continue cooking.

Finally, add lemon zest and juice, season with pepper and salt and let cool a little.

Slice the mozzarella or cut it into small pieces and mix the uncooked spelled with the peach salad. Top with a few basil leaves, if desired.

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Warm uncooked spelled salad with pickled peaches © Screenshot Visite
Bowl of chicken salad with radicchio and grapefruit © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann
Asparagus arranged on a plate.  © NDR Photo: Florian Kruck
Smoked fish salad is served on bread.  © NDR
Salmon fillet served on a plate with fried potato sticks, cucumber salad and remoulade.  © Fernsehmacher GmbH Photo: Gunnar Nicolaus
Lamb salad with bacon and caramelized apple slices placed on a plate.  © Fernsehmacher GmbH Photo: Norman Kalle
Fried feta balls with Greek salad on a plate.  © Fernsehmacher GmbH Photo: Norman Kalle
A colorful salad with shrimps, feta and lime sauce placed on a plate.  © Fernsehmacher GmbH Photo: Norman Kalle
Asparagus-potato salad served on a wooden board with chicken meatballs.  © NDR Photo: Florian Kruck
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