Recipe: Make ice cream with the children without the ice cream machine

This is the best summer dessert: ice cream! You don’t have an ice cream machine, but you want to decide for yourself what’s in there? That’s how you get it.

Paula likes fruity – preferably with berries and sauce. Ole wants chocolate caramel. And Piet – he eats his ice cream only if it contains tuna. No problem – three friends can vary this basic recipe.

Vanilla ice cream is the most popular ice cream in Germany. For creamy vanilla ice cream, the ice cream usually has to be removed from the freezer and mixed quite often. Otherwise it will be too narrow. Or you need an ice cream machine to do the job.

But you only mix it once with this recipe. Therefore, you can easily freeze many small different portions. The secret ingredient of a magically soft ice cream: sweetened condensed milk!

You only need three ingredients

More information:

500 ml of cream

400 ml of sweetened condensed milk

Vanilla pod pulp – or just vanilla sugar

We still had the sweet condensed milk in the basement. We wanted to bake a cake with it. But we never did. The best before date was over. But in the end it is said Minimalbest before date. And if condensed milk still looks good, smells good and doesn’t taste sour, you can still use it.

This is how vanilla ice cream is made from three ingredients

The cream is whipped first. By the way, we chop Ole chocolate caramels.

Mix condensed milk with vanilla in a bowl. Then fold in the cream with a whisk.

One third of the ice mass goes directly into the freezer. This is regular vanilla ice cream for Paula.

The second third goes to the extra bowl. Then Piet mixes in his fish. (We better not show it here because this view makes you sick.)

Paula mixes chocolate caramel pieces cut into Ole’s portion.

Five hours in the freezer

Each ice cream goes in its own freezer box and then in the freezer. It must be there for five hours.

In the meantime, you can test your ice cream knowledge in the KiWi quiz:


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