Spaghetti: The Only Recipes You’ll Ever Need

Eating means culture in Italy, it is celebrated like a ritual. It’s never just a side issue, you’re never shoving piles of noodles into your stomach just to get full. Never! For this reason, the Italian price (Dinner) also from several menus: Start a antipasto (appetizer) followed by primo plateauwhich is usually a pasta or rice dish, second plateau – meat or fish with vegetables or salad, topped with sweet dolce, as the name suggests, and coffeeItalian espresso.

It is not difficult to find a good trattoria or a great restaurant in Italy. You just have to follow the Italians who rush in around 9pm or 9pm. But how is it really in Germany? Let’s talk about eight tricks that will help you understand if an Italian is worth visiting or if you should rather turn your back on him. Some of the tricks and rules are of course meant to be in the blink of an eye. But remember the phrase: “Non si fa!” You don’t! It is very popular in Italy.

Eight tricks to recognize a good Italian

Trick #1: Order simple dishes like spaghetti aglio and olio. Success depends on the best ingredients.

Trick 2: Inside caprese saladaka mozzarella and tomato salad, contains only olive oil and salt – never balsamic vinegar.

Tip 3: The antipasti should not be too sour, then you cover the natural taste of the vegetables.

Tip 4: Parmesan cheese should never be on a pasta dish with fish. You don’t!

Trick 5: Scaloppine, an Italian schnitzel, is thin and made from veal.

Tip 6: Pineapple, lamb, peas or corn do not go with a good pizza.

Tip 7: House wine must taste good and not be expensive.

Trick 8: Rule of thumb number 1: Cappuccino is breakfast. Espresso is drunk after a meal.

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