Spaghetti with pineapple: The BBC’s idea is set back

“Family-friendly pasta that makes the best of canned food” is the BBC’s latest recipe. But the blow clearly backfires because the recipe is “Spaghetti Hawaii.” The recipe not only gets the website itself an underground 1.5 star, but the recipe is also a topic of conversation on Twitter.

War against Italy?

For a “quick dinner”, fry the onion, garlic, ham, cream and pineapple cubes in a pan. The juice from the pineapple jar is then added to the sauce before the whole thing is mixed with the spaghetti. “Definitely a declaration of war against Italy,” writes one Twitter user:

Another user comments that this war started in 1957 with spaghetti trees:

The reactions to creating a special recipe are definitely clear:

Maybe not so crazy

Many Italians bleed even in Pizza Hawaii. Now also spaghetti with pineapple? What seems strange at first glance may even be worth a try. Hawaiian pizza, which was invented in Canada in 1962, is one of the most popular dishes ordered in Eastern Switzerland.

The classic Toast Hawaii from Germany is also very popular. The dish has been known in Switzerland since the 1950s and was one of the ten most googled recipes in 2013. Whether Spaghetti will go that far in Hawaii will remain a mystery at first.

The idea of ​​fruit and pasta is not new

One thing is clear, however, the BBC was not the first to come up with the idea of ​​mixing pineapple and ham with pasta. There are many similar recipes on portals such as “Chefkoch”, “Kochbar” or “Gutekueche”. These include more unusual creations mixed with peas, tomatoes or chicken. And a rating of up to five stars indicates that the unusual idea has at least a few fans.


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