Stale bread is still suitable for many recipes

If bread and pastries sit for too long, they dry out quickly. But numerous recipes make them delicious again. Here are some tips and ideas.

Dortmund – Do you also think: old bread does not taste good and can no longer be used? Stop! Before you throw it away or feed it to the ducks, try the delicious recipes put together by SWR Television (more service news at RUHR24).

Surname bread
kind food
ingredients cereal, water, raising agent

Recycling old bread: classic breadcrumbs

Of course, if the bread is moldy, it belongs in the trash. HEIDELBERG24 provides an overview of the many ways to process old bread and pastries.

When you think of dry rolls, breadcrumbs usually come to mind. You can bread not only schnitzel and vegetables with it. They give the meatballs a binding, whether with vegetables or minced meat.

Dumplings or homemade pasta also become firmer with breadcrumbs. And they also look good in the base of the cake, if part of the flour is replaced with breadcrumbs, reports HEIDELBERG24.

Stale bread can be reused as long as it doesn’t go moldy.

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Breadcrumbs are also one of the bases for various dumplings. To do this, the crushed rolls must be soaked in a mixture of milk or cream, egg and a little butter.

If necessary, you can add more crumbs. The mixture must then be shaped into dumplings, which are soaked in hot, salty water. A delicious option is spinach dumplings.

Old, toasted bread tastes good as a snack and as a main course

Anyone who recycles stale bread saves food and therefore money. How about some bruschetta? To do this, briefly roast the slices in a pan and add tomatoes or other vegetables according to your taste.

Old pastries are diced and reheated to make croutons for salads and soups. With the “saving bag”, Lidl sends a clear signal against food waste.

Healthy bread crisps are prepared quickly and easily from stale bread.

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You can re-bake dry bread in the oven for different purposes. To do this, cut the bread into the appropriate shape and roast it in a 200 degree oven for 5 minutes.

Thin slices become healthy breadcrumbs when you spread them with oil, garlic juice and spices. You can cook thicker slices with cheese – it tastes good both as a side dish and as a main dish.

Recycling old bread: a hearty and sweet treat!

A versatile recipe is bread pudding: instead of pasta sheets, just use slices of bread. For interlayers, fry vegetables such as onion, garlic, carrot, leek and tomato.

There is also minced meat, as in the classic lasagna. The vegetarian version tastes like mushrooms instead.

Stale bread or toast is perfect for making into a dessert known as “poor” or “rusty knights”. To do this, simply beat eggs and milk, dip the slices in and fry in a pan with a little butter.

By the way: Here you can find out whether margarine or butter is better for baking and cooking.

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