Super easy, quick and original recipe for baked spaghetti carbonara muffins

Everyone knows spaghetti carbonara, but they really hit the spot when baked in a muffin tin. imago/agefotostock

Everyone knows spaghetti, everyone loves spaghetti, children are especially happy when thin noodles are on the table. What would a descendant say if their favorite food came in the form of a muffin? Anyway, it’s always original and delicious. It’s also super easy and adds variety to the table.

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You need it: 250 g spaghetti, 60 g bacon, 1 shallot, 100 g parmesan, 3 egg yolks, 200 ml whipped cream, salt, pepper

It’s that simple:

1. Cook spaghetti al dente as usual.

2. Fry the bacon in a pan on low heat, add finely chopped shallots and brown.

3. Now grease the wells of the muffin tin. Drain the cooked spaghetti and form small nests with a fork and spoon and place in the wells of the mold.

4. Preheat the oven to 180°C (top/bottom heat) or 160°C (convection air).

5. Beat the grated cheese with egg yolk and cream, mix in the bacon-onion mixture, season with salt and pepper.

6. Then first put a spoonful of egg liquid on the nests and then distribute the rest of the egg mass on the nests.

7. Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes.

Who likes it more vegetarian, use 120g of frozen peas steamed in butter for five minutes instead of the bacon and onion mixture. Then mix into the cheese-egg mixture.

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