Sustainable and fair: Ipanema is alcohol-free

With this mocktail classic, you can quickly bring home a lasting joy of life in two ways: this wonderfully refreshing classic without alcohol is not only delicious for the whole family, but also all the ingredients come from organic farming. The alcohol-free Ipanema recipe gets a special kick from the syrup, made with fair Demeter ginger from a Peruvian farming cooperative.

The glorious sun, the sound of the sea and much more iced drinks: One of the most beautiful places in the world to visit to celebrate summer with pleasureis without a doubt Rio de Janeiro. Here on the beach of the former artists’ and now proud district Ipanema strolled along to the much-sung “Girl from Ipanema” and perhaps drifted along with typical Brazilian sounds.

Either samba or bossa nova – together a self-mixed, alcohol-free Ipanema mocktail plays music at every garden party! Because the juicy composition together direct juice of glitter Demeter limesaromatic Organic passion fruit and a little spicy, quite produced Ginger gives without alcohol festive mood – and for one calm also on tropical days.

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The tropical-fruity taste of organic passion fruit ripened in the sun turns Voelkel’s passion fruit nectar into an exotic treat. (Voelkel GmbH)

Ipanema mocktail

  • Preparation: about 10 minutes
  • People: 1 portion(s)