The 10 best smoothie bars in Vienna

After the gluttony of the holidays, we miss fresh vitamins, which give us new energy in the dark season. Healthy eating is at the top of many New Year’s resolutions. And nothing makes it easier than a freshly blended smoothie – the perfect fasting companion. Because creamy fruit and vegetable mixes in liquid form, enriched with an unlimited selection superfoodssuch as seaweed, herbs, spices, seed, nuts or recently medicinal mushroomsexhibit special high nutrient density on. Colored energy drinks are not only special healthybut also practically. Because a creative creation to sip can replace a whole meal and is easily digestible.

If you have a suitable mixer at home, you can of course mix your energy shot. But buying the special ingredients, chopping them and cleaning the mixer is extremely difficult time consuming and Ready-made smoothies from the supermarket are often no longer particularly healthy due to artificial preservation methods and chemical additives and can even become real sugar traps.

That’s why we have them top ten smoothie bars was studied in Vienna. These vitamin manufacturers mix their own smoothies fresh from high-quality raw materials – ideally regional, seasonal and organic quality. Many also offer bowls or soups. And some of them bring the energy charge conveniently to the home office. At these juice bars, you can celebrate Vegan January as well as Dry January and pamper yourself with healing fresh blends. Vitamins, enzymes, fiber and minerals revive.

Here are our ten favorites:

1 juice factory

In the juice factory – Vienna’s first real juice bar – are all the juices fresh pressed, mixed and with many superfoods, spiced like acai, chia seeds, kale or spirulina. You can get out of four places in Vienna over 20 creative shakes from 5.60 euros Select. Depending on your mood, you can find different detox or energizing juices and invigorating ones shots as well as a large selection of seasonal additives. If you still crave something solid between your teeth, you can choose between sweets smoothie bowlsspicy sandwiches and enforceable protein bars. All healthy juices and snacks can be conveniently delivered to your home deliver let

  • Schottengasse 4, 1010
  • Marco d’Aviano Gasse 1, 1010
  • Rotenturmstrasse 24, 1010
  • Thomas-Klestil-Platz 13, 1030
  • Vienna International Airport, Terminal 3 – Gate 05, 1300 Vienna-Schwechat

2 juice delicacies

Aloha! Inspired by the exotic island atmosphere of Hawaii, Juicedeli pampers you – Austria’s first juice factory with organic certification – with natural vitamins in an economical package. Their specialty: superfood Acai. a 13 fresh cold-pressed smoothies (for 5.50 euros) that’s all vegan, organic, regional and 100% cleani.e. no artificial additives and plastic free packed in. Whole ones are also available juice cleanse-Packaging as well as sharp ginger bites and Almond drinks. The revitalizing juices are filled in glass bottles and can also be purchased online ordered the will.

  • Mariahilfer Strasse 45/20, 1060

3 Kenny’s

Kenny’s can help with the wanderlust: There are five locations in Vienna freshly squeezed juices from all over the world – From Brazil to the French to a South African smoothie. Special: 16 creative smoothies (from 4.90 euros) to be together Ayurvedic Organic Spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon or cloves, which promote digestion, have pain-relieving and cold-fighting effects. In addition, smoothies contain a lot superfoods, such as Moringa or Maca. In addition to fruit juices are also available Porridges and smoothie bowlsHawaii Pierce the bowls (also assemble yourself), seasonal soups of the day, frozen yogurtand Bubble wafers in the menu. Kenny treats can also be delivered directly to your home office ordered the will.

  • Favorite street 115-117, 1100
  • Paniglgasse 15/2, 1040
  • Sissy-Löwinger-Weg 5/9, 1100
  • Marxergasse 1B, 1030 Vienna
  • Wagramer Str. 94, 1220

4 Purah

Attention herbalists: If you’re looking for a smoothie that’s special healing power We’ve got an insider tip for him: Purora combines millennia-old knowledge traditional chinese medicine (TCM) together European herbal medicine. a seven smoothies (6.50-8.50 euros) and five Soups that’s all vegan, organic, regional and seasonal. The selection also includes resuscitators herbal elixirs with the promise of salvation. Specially formulated in ThermóTwist, freshly blended juices and soups give you a complex nutrient profile that revitalizes and fills you up. Healing drinks contain many classic superfoods, but also Superfood specialshow medicinal mushrooms, Seaweed and the root. Purora opens its products with a special mixture of plant water, seeds, roots, leaves, bark and berries natural way durable. Medicinal mixtures can also be taken home ordered the will.

5 Eroz Food Bazaar

An oriental oasis of pleasure in the middle of Vienna: Eroz Juice Bazar has you covered eleven different smoothies and shakes on site for 4.90 euros and 5.50 euros when ordering, such as Eroz Energy with avocado, baby spinach, apple, mint, ginger and coconut flakes. In addition to fruity soft drinks, there are also tasty ones Starterscrisp saladsmany creative ones Poke bowls and smoothie bowls and a huge selection of wonderful windings. Also many vegan options is inside. Eroz special offer: Selected smoothie and wrap are available for 9.90 euros. You can also take everything with you from the comfort of your home order.

  • Gumpendorfer Strasse 40, 1060

6 RAUCH juice bar

The Austrian fruit juice company RAUCH also mixes fresh vitamin kicks in its juice factories. There are four RAUCH juice bars in Vienna nine different smoothies from 4.25 eurosfreshly squeezed juices, milk and yogurt cocktails, Ginger and Turmeric Shotsplus sweet bowls also salty sandwiches. For an additional fee of 0.70 euros each, you can drink your own drink Superfood Upgrade give it, for example, with hemp protein, guarana powder or raw cocoa.

  • Herrengasse 6-8, 1010
  • The Mall, 1st floor food court, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 1B, 1030
  • Neubaugasse 13, 1070
  • KULT Gastro GmbH, Prater 56b, 1020

7 Mentorix juice bar

You can get a Mentorix juice bar at Vitamin Kingdom Freshly made at fair prices to enjoy and with it something else to do good, because the proceeds are used to finance apprenticeships for young people with disabilities. Choice freshly mixed smoothies (from 2.60 euros to 8.80 euros), shakes (from 1.70 euros) and juices (from 2.40 euros) is large. You can be whatever you want create your own vitamin bomb. In the detailed description, you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge about the nutritional content and effects of the individual ingredients Lexicon of Vitaminology delete from map. There are also sweet treats spelled flourhow cheap cake, Cookies, waffles and energy balls. From apples from the Weinviertel to carrots from the Marchfeld to spirulina with freshwater algae from the Tulln Basin, the Mentorix juice bar takes it seriously regional organic quality.

  • Josefstädterstrasse 40, 1080

8 Elmira – Health food store and vegan bistro

“Nutrition instead of medicine” is Elmira’s motto. Organic Bistro is fully committed to this vegan and gluten-free whole foods. The diverse offer extends fresh smoothies for 5.50 euros – paying special attention Immunity boostersabove juices and Hot drinkslike a turmeric latte, for tonics Soups, salads, bowls, bagels and sweet treats, including a wide variety raw food cake. You will find a weekly menu that changes daily vegan and gluten-free lunch menu. The main course is available from 4.90 euros. You can get a healthy one at the grocery store shopping without packaging. In addition, Elmira also offers nutritional consultations on site.

  • Vorgartenstrasse 129-143, 1020

Elmira is temporarily closed but will reopen in March.

9 o’mellis Juice & Smoothie Bar

Fruit Flash included: O’mellis offers a colorful selection 36 different freshly blended smoothies (from 3 euros to 7 euros), without added sugar or chemicals. In addition, pure fruit and green smoothies as well as freshly squeezed ones juicesis also available for those with a sweet tooth lush variants with white chocolate or marshmallows and many seasonal specials. Hot ones provide quick immunity shots. Whether vegan or gluten-free, creative quick fruit mixes are clearly labeled and available reusable plastic cups bottled. Also six different ones Citizens is on the map.

  • Central Railway Station, 1100
  • Danube Center, 1220
  • Auhofcenter, Albert-Schweitzer-Gasse 6, 1140

10 Yuícery Alserbachstrasse

Yuícery’s mission is to bring people healthy fresh fast food to make available. All ingredients are also 100% vegetable and you can no plastic used. Beside four different smoothies for 6.40 euros Together superfoods like maca, wheatgrass or kale, there is a wide variety of savory and sweet bowlswhich can also be assembled individually and many trendy ones Hot drinks, like chai and matcha lattes. Everything is vegan and can comfortably go home ordered the will.

  • Alserbachstrasse 33, 1090

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