The Hawaiian spaghetti recipe is causing great outrage

The British Broadcast Corporation, the BBC for short, publishes food recipes from around the world on its website. In most cases, they are well received by users, as shown by website and social networking reviews. Now, however, one recently published recipe is creating real nonsense on the Internet. TRAVELBOOK reveals what it’s all about.

If there’s one dish you won’t find in any Italian restaurant, it’s Pizza Hawaii. And here in Germany, too, opinions differ from the combination of ham and pineapple as a seal: some love it, others hate it. In this context, the Hawaiian spaghetti recipe, launched by the BBC in early April, is now fueling new fuel. “A family-friendly pasta recipe that makes the best of canned food,” writes the BBC editor of his unique work.

And not everyone likes it. “An insult to Italian cuisine, I’m out!”. “Disgusting.” “Lord of heaven, what’s the recipe for this horror?” “The BBC has declared war on Italy,” says one Twitter user of the ingredients. The BBC community is also ruthless on the website, giving Spaghetti Hawaii’s recipe just 1.5 stars out of 5.

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And even those who like to eat pineapple pizza will leave out the recipe with the spaghetti variant. “I like Hawaiian pizza, but the idea of ​​Hawaiian spaghetti doesn’t appeal to me at all,” writes a Facebook user. “I like pineapple on pizza, but the pasta is full,” said another user.

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What do Italians say about Spaghetti Hawaii?

But do the Italians themselves really find this dish so terrible? Obviously yes. “It’s absolutely not possible,” Rita Santomauro, who runs a hotel on the Italian island of Panarea, tells TRAVELBOOK. “There is no Pizza Hawaii or Spaghetti Hawaii for us Italians. Pineapple has no place in salty dishes, only in desserts. ” Francesco Marinot, a former TRAVELBOOK author living in Berlin, is not convinced by the combination of pineapple and pasta. But he admits, “I’m less critical of Hawaiian pizza, I buy it frozen from the supermarket from time to time, maybe for a party … I would never ask that from restaurants: first, because a good pizza doesn’t need strange combinations of ingredients.” And secondly, because there is no Hawaiian pizza on the menu of a real Italian pizza bar. ”

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Some Italians also spoke on Twitter in a BBC post and commented on Spaghetti Hawaii. “Something like that is just criminal,” one writes. “There is more evidence that ‘British’ and ‘food’ are incompatible,” says another.

After all, there are benevolent comments from users. “Why not, I would try it,” says a Facebook comment. “I like it,” another user writes. Whether Spaghetti Hawaii will ever hit the menu of Italian restaurants is more than questionable.

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