Vegan tuna – tested by Garden Gourmet “Thun-Visch”.

This is what vegan fish tastes like – Garden Gourmet tuna Visch

Vegan tuna served in a salad

How healthy are herbal products? One thing is for sure about Thun-Visch: the vegan alternative is also high in protein.

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The supermarket sells feta cheese called “Feto”, salmon is written with an X and tuna with a V. This isn’t a secret spelling reform – it’s a wide range of veggie products. More and more cheese, meat or fish end up in our shopping baskets, fridges and pans without the animals being milked, killed or caught. Vegan Author of “Thun-Visch”. Garden connoisseur is new to the market: we’ve tried it before.

The share of strict vegetarians and vegans in the total population is only growing slowly. More and more people follow the need to eat less meat: for the sake of animal welfare, climate or human health. It’s called a “flexetarian.” reduced meat diet, with the growing market for herbal products.

Vegan Thun-Visch has been available since September 2021. It’s behind the back Nestlé-Daughter garden connoisseur, which has been producing exclusively vegan and vegetarian food for over 30 years. The offer is by no means aimed only at young urban vegans. Because the appreciation of plant-based nutrition is increasing in all age groups.

Tuna goes well with salad and pasta, on top of pizza and in sandwiches. At the same time, it is a supplier of omega-3 fatty acids, iron and protein. But when you know that the seas are overfished and tuna is regularly detected with environmental toxins, you can now try the vegan version – and be amazed.

What does vegan tuna taste like – and what’s in it?

Like the preserved original, “Visch” can be enjoyed both hot and cold. He smells like fish, tastes uncooked intensely aromatic and unmistakably spicy – like the fished version.

With these and other meat or fish alternatives, one of the biggest challenges is natural continuity to imitate a fish. Tuna visch melts gently on the tongue – the difference with the original is especially noticeable when enjoyed neat. Vegan fish tossed with a good tomato sauce and Italian pasta tastes confusingly similar to the original.

Thun-Visch is made of environmentally friendly glass.

Thun-Visch is made of environmentally friendly glass.

© Garden Gourmet

In the list of ingredients, in addition to water, there are only 6 ingredients: pea and wheat protein, rapeseed oil, spices, lemon fibers and salt. Vish is seasoned to give its main ingredient, pea protein, that specific marine note. These are mostly natural flavors.

This pea protein is a “rising star” in the vegetable firmament that is now establishing itself. Many meat and dairy alternatives already benefit from the protein’s creamy consistency, which makes it so suitable for replacement products. Another advantage for people and nature: peas can be grown perfectly in Europe – it saves money Garden connoisseur long transport routes and a lot of CO2.

At 22.6 g of protein per 100 g, the protein content of vegan fish is about the same as canned tuna marinated in water (22-24 g of protein). The rapeseed oil contained in “Vischi” also supplies valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which are also characteristic of real fish.

A glass of Thun-Vischi contains 175 g, costs 3.79 euros and can be bought in well-stocked supermarkets.

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